Danger Will Robinson. It's Time for Check-in - Robot Hotel

Welcome to the future; where robot dinosaurs check you in


As spring rolls around, a fresh wind blows throughout the mountainous land of Japan. Why not visit Disneyland? Why not go to the mountains? Why not take a stroll through sakura filled boulevards? Nah. Those places are all terribly crowded. Probably best to check out this crazy hotel full of robots instead!

Today we’re giving you the lowdown on the “Hen na Hotel, Maihama Tokyo Bay” (Weird Hotel, Maihama bay), located not far from Disney’s closest station, Maihama.

Opening its first branch in Nagasaki in July of 2017 at Huis Ten Bosch, it was noted to be the “First hotel with robot staff” by Guinness World Records. It isn’t just the name that’s unique. Check-in and check-out are performed by 2 robot-dinosaurs (or should that be dinosaur-robots?).

Don’t worry. These ancient reptiles are multilingual, speaking English, Chinese, and Korean as well as their native Japanese. They even sneeze and growl, just like real dinosaurs did (according to Jurassic Park).

Checking in using either the robot’s voice recognition, or handy touch panels, they will automatically prepare your room key. For customers from overseas, check-in can be performed simply by scanning your passport!

In the lobby, customers are greeted by a T-rex, along with some fish robots, and a few mini dinosaur robots dotted around the place. Here at Premium-Japan, we tend to bring you news about tatami floored, gourmet pleasing, onsen filled get-aways. Today we’ve taken a break from that to talk about crazy robots. Why not do the same? After all, we’ll probably be living under them someday, so best to get in their good books now.



■”Hen na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay”
Address: 5-3-20 FUJIMI Urayasu, Chiba Prefecture
Access: 18 Minutes walk from Tokyo Maihama Station
Near the Tokyo Bay City Bus “Fujimi 5-Chome” stop.



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