Save Money While Appeasing No-Face

Feed His Greed: The New No-Face Piggy Bank



Released in 2001, “Spirited Away” was a full length animated movie that touched the hearts of millions, and cemented itself as a classic in the minds of critics and general audiences alike.
Chihiro finds herself among gods and spirits when she accidentally takes a detour while moving house. She sis soon forced to fight, befriend and understand the residents of a new and scary world as she works at a bathhouse run by Yubaba, in order to save her parents who have been turned into pigs. In Japan, the movie is shown on TV most summers and always gets a large audience.

Among the expansive cast of unique characters is “No-Face”, and as of the 20th of March you’ll be able to get your hands on this rather unique No-Face piggy bank. Place a coin in his plate, and he gobbles it up with characteristic greed.


When the weight of the coins reaches a set limit (Just over 30g), No-Face utters a short exclamation, and tips them down his gullet in one swift gobble. He even burps after he’s done eating.

Attention to detail certainly isn’t lacking, with the teeth having been made to match their appearance in the movie, and sounds from the movie itself being used for true authenticity.

This piece isn’t just for Japanese Ghibli fans, but also seems well suited to those of you overseas. Maybe you could use it to save up for the Ghibli complete collection.


■ “Spirited Away – No-Face piggy Bank”
Price: 4,800 JPY (Tax Excl.)
Materials: ABS
Size: W80×H210×D160mm
*Uses 2 Double A batteries, not included