New Colors, New Designs: The Iittala × Issey Miyake Home Collection’s New Series for Fall


Bag, dark beige: 23,760 JPY (including tax)

Popular brand Iittala × Issey Miyake Home Collection, which combines simple design with effortless functionality, has released its new fall series. Bags, cushion covers, and other products are available in the traditional black as well as some new autumnal colors like harvest and dark beige. What’s more, the new series features the collection’s first ever pouches.

Iittala × Issey Miyake was launched in 2016 as a collaboration between Finnish tableware brand Iittala and the respected designer Issey Miyake. Based on its unique concept of a fusion between northern European and Asian craftsmanship, the collection has already produced a wide range of textiles, tableware, furnishings, bags, and more.

                                               Pouch, black: 9,720 JPY (including tax)

The new pouches, a first for the collection, are black with striped pleats in a compact design. Large and small sizes are available, making them suitable as everything from a clutch to an in-bag accessory holder.

Bags in general have always been a popular item for Iittala × Issey Miyake, and the new series does not disappoint, offering new models in black and a first-ever dark beige option. The pleats on the dark beige bags are herringbone, while the black bag has striped pleats. —for the first time—dark beige. Both are pleated, with a herringbone design on the dark beige bag and simple stripes on the black. Best of all, Issey Miyake’s unique production methods ensure that these pleats stay crisp even after washing.

Cushion cover, harvest: 21,600 JPY (including tax)

The fall series also features cushion covers and placemats in all-new harvest colors.

As fall deepens toward winter, don’t miss this opportunity to bring a stylish but subdued dash of autumnal color to your life.


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