Artisanal Meets Adorable: Kumanofude Makeup Brushes Featuring Miffy and Friends


Illustrations: Dick Bruna © Copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2019 Face brush: 5,500 JPY + tax. Blusher brush: 3,700 JPY + tax

Kumano, Hiroshima, has been the brush capital of Japan for over 150 years. "Kumanofude" (literally "Kumano brushes") are renowned for quality and durability, and the town's cosmetic brushes in particular are prized by makeup artists both in Japan and around the world.

Now a new series of Kumanofude featuring characters from Dick Bruna's picture books has hit the market, letting makeup artists join forces with the beloved Miffy and her friends Melanie and Boris the Bear. The series includes two face brushes with Miffy or Melanie's face peeking out from the natural white or brown bristles, and two blusher brushes with yellow-dyed bristles and handles featuring Miffy or Boris.

Illustrations: Dick Bruna © Copyright Mercis bv, 1953-2019

Kumano's artisans have perfected techniques for aligning bristles without cutting them, creating fluffy brush tips that are somehow just right for Bruna's whimsical style. You won't want to put them down! Fortunately, since the brushes have just the right firmness and fineness for delicate skin, Miffy and her friend are the ideal assistants for your daily makeup routine.


◆ Miffy Kumanofude

Price: Face brush: 5,500 JPY (excluding tax)
Blusher brush: 3,700 JPY (excluding tax)
Official site: (Japanese only)