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The Ingegerd Råman Collection. From left/background: Jug Large ¥7,200, Jug Bowl ¥9,500, Wine and Water Glass “Water” ¥4,600, Wine and Water Glass “Wine” ¥6,600, Jug Small ¥6,500, The Set Water ¥4,600, The Set Wine ¥4,600, The Set Bowl ¥6,900, The Set Plate ¥7,200. Water Decanter and Water Glass that can be used in combination also available./ Kimura Glass / +81(0)3-3834-1781 / www.kimuraglass.co.jp


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The Ingegerd Råman Collection, from Kimura Glass


 Glass combining function and beauty, beloved by professionals and connoisseurs. This, in a nutshell, is the appeal of Kimura Glass, founded in 1910. Its main customers are long-established restaurants, hotels, and bars. Its ultrathin “Compact” range is particularly iconic, and has even been used in first class on a major Japanese airline. Today, Kimura Glass’s products are within everyone’s reach, available at select shops and directly from Kimura Glass itself, and their handmade delicacy and universal, simple design continue to win praise from professionals and others of refined taste.

 Today we are introducing Kimura Glass’s new Ingegerd Råman Collection, which includes wine glasses, water glasses, plates, bowls, jugs, and decanters—a total of 11 different glass items in all. While all were designed by Råman, one of the most respected product designers in Europe and indeed the world, Kimura Glass’s unique monozukuri DNA is also brilliantly on display.

“Design first gains its value when it is used every day”: based on this philosophy, Ingegerd Råman’s creations are praised around the world for not just their beauty but also their functionality. “As the first user, I require functionality myself,” says Råman, and the reasons are clear.

Råman and Takeshi Kimura, president of Kimura Glass, have in fact known each other for 15 years. They originally met through Kimura’s daughter, who was working in an interiors company in Sweden at the time. Råman and Kimura have met many times since then, sometimes in Sweden, sometimes when Råman visited Japan, their friendship deepening with each conversation. Last year, at Kimura’s invitation, Råman visited a glassworks in Hungary. Kimura had wanted to show this glassworks to Råman for some time, and made the trip especially to show her the facility. As he had suspected, the meeting between the glassworks and Råman produced something wonderful: a series of works designed by the Swedish Ingegerd Råman, produced at a Hungarian glassworks, and sold by the Japanese Kimura Glass as the original Ingegerd Råman Collection.

Since its founding, Kimura Glass has never had its own glassworks. Its ultrathin “Compact” line is manufactured in Japan, its delicate-stemmed wine glasses at a facility in Europe, and so on. Kimura Glass itself serves as both producer and creator, selecting the right glassworks to realize its vision for each original product. No doubt it was long experience with this process that made Kimura himself certain when he saw the Hungarian glassworks that it was the right place to have an original Ingegerd Råman line manufactured as a Kimura Glass original.



During the early stages of product design, Råman asked Kimura “Do you want to make something with a Japanese feel?” His response was simple: “No!” And yet in the cleanness of each individual shape and the compact, functional design allowing certain items to be stored within others, there is something undeniably Japanese to be found. And how beautiful those overlapping silhouettes are! The design of each individual item is pure and simple, but combined and brought together, there is a certain elegant poise within their stillness.

That first glass of water in the morning, fresh fruit on the breakfast table, wine shared at dinnertime: everyone will find their own use for these items. A truly premium collection that is nevertheless right at home in everyday life.

Inquiries: Kimura Glass, +81 (0)3-3834-1781, www.kimuraglass.co.jp (site in Japanese)

Selection/writing: Toshie Fujino (editor/journalist)

Toshie Fujino, Editor/Journalist
After serving on the editorial boards of W (Japan), Ryuko Tsushin, and La Seine, became chief editor of Priv. (Nikkei BP) in spring 2000. Has been involved in the editing of quality magazines, including serving as chief editor of Nikkei Business Style Magazine Dignio and performing editorial oversight of the owned media Genuin. Her current mission is introducing new lifestyles and role models for the realization of quality life in the centenarian age, and promoting bespoke living ordered and organized for individual needs. Her hobbies and interests include garden tourism, wine tourism, opera tourism, cheese, gardening, old roses, gerontology, rescue dogs, and more.