Five "Holy Trips" To Feel Japan's Spiritual Power


Japan is home to many places filled with the power of nature or spirituality, so called "Holy Grounds". When you know the history of myths or people's faiths, you can feel the power of these holy spots even more so. How about getting to know Japan a bit better, by learning about the stories and history of these places?

1.【Miyazaki Prefecture, Takachiho】A hidden region, where you can feel the breath of the gods
Takachiho is famous for being the location of "Tenson Kourin" (The descent of great god Amaterasu's grandson Ninigi from heaven) in Japanese mythology. It is a holy location where you can see signs of many scenes from Japanese mythology. You can gaze out upon a cloud ocean from which you can almost imagine the gods descending from heaven to earth on a cloud, perhaps helping your soul commune with that of the gods.

Where Gods Descend to Earth; Takachiho


2.【Shimane Prefecture, Izumo】The setting of legends, filled with the beauty and sadness of the gods
Izumo; a land where many myths take place. Izanagi Mikoto attempted to bring his departed wife back from hades using a slope said to be the border between this world and the next at Yomitsuhira hill. Susano defeated the dreaded snake Orochi and saved a princess at Hikawa. The great god Amaterasu gave control of the land at Inasa No Hama Beach.
Knowing a little about these legends makes the scenery even more beautiful.

Izumo tourism group


3.【Kii Peninsula, Kumanosanzan】A faith found by those who live with nature
Kumano Sanzen is a place with both the richness and harshness of nature, and its faith notably features "Shinbutsu-shūgō". This is the combination of both gods and buddhas within one religion, and was common in Japan until the Meiji era. After the Heian era, it became the founding place of a faith related to reporting the subtle and profound aspects of nature, meaning you can feel the diversity of Japan's faiths, and the beauty of nature. Experiences like this can purify any heart.

Kumano Sanzan - A place of Gods and Buddhas


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