A Serenely Floating Refuge Amid the Changing Seasons at the Shonai Hotel Suiden Terrasse in Tsuruoka, Yamagata


A beautiful wooden hotel built over the rice paddies 

Yamagata Prefecture’s Shonai Plain has long been of Japan’s best-known rice farming districts. Now, it is also home to the first hotel ever designed by internationally renowned architect Shigeru Ban: the Shonai Hotel Suiden Terrasse.

The hotel’s two-story wooden buildings seem to float directly on the rice paddies (suiden in Japanese), blending seamlessly with Yamagata’s natural beauty and serene rural atmosphere to create a peaceful, soothing haven for travelers. The three wings of the hotel are named after the Three Mountains of Dewa—Gassan, Haguro, and Yudono—and contain a total of 143 guest rooms. Guests can watch the changing faces of the Shonai Plain as the seasons turn, as well as enjoying inner courtyards and other elegant sights.

Simple, restful guest rooms

In addition to accommodation, the hotel offers a restaurant, bar, business rooms (reception rooms and conference rooms), gift shop, mini-library, natural hot spring, and full fitness facilities, allowing guests to forget their everyday worries in a space offering something entirely different. Meals at the restaurant feature generous helpings of locally grown vegetables and the freshest tastes of Shonai. Local sake is also available at the bar. When the weather is fine, guests are free to enjoy dinners or drinks on the open terrace, which offers stunning views of Gassan.

Find your ideal holiday reading in the mini-library

To help make each visitor’s stay at the hotel an even richer experience, there is also a mini-library with a thousand volumes. Books were selected for the theme “Adults are children too, and children are adults too,” to allow adults to rediscover their inner child. The hotel shop’s theme is “Gifts for adults from Yamagata and Shonai,” and the shop contains everything from a curated local sake selection to snacks, crafts by local artisans, and accessories—the best of what Yamagata and Shonai have to offer.

Why not book yourself some quality time in this beautiful timber hotel floating above the rice paddies of Shonai?


◆ Shonai Hotel Suiden Terrasse

Address: Shimotorinosu 23-1, Kitakyoden-aza, Tsuruoka, Yamagata 〒997-0053
Access: 5 minutes by car from Tsuruoka Station, or 20 minutes by car from Shonai Airport
Rates: From 9,800 JPY per person per room (all rooms). Rate excludes tax but includes natural Shonai breakfast
URL: https://suiden-terrasse.yamagata-design.com/