"Yame Sumidare" - Traditional Blinds to Make Any Room Chic


Enjoying the depth of "Yame Sudare" (Yahi Mezou - 八媛 Model)

With their special weaving techniques, the makers create blinds that are all unique in terms of colour. They also be made to measure, so they will fit any room.

Reference Price: 195,200 JPY (Tax Excl.)

A traditional Japanese atmosphere, using traditional craft (Dynasty Model)

A perfect fit for the summer season, these blinds give a refined look to any room while keeping things cool and fresh.

Reference Price: 126,000 JPY (Tax Excl.)

A truly Japanese space, created using tradition an technique. The essence of the past, carried forward into modern architecture. Why not consider it for your home?

Shikida Sangyo Inc. - Yame Sudare
Photography:Shikida Sangyo Inc.