Yuri Nomura with an obi


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Tokyo, 7 p.m.


Window-Shopping for Kimono in the Twilight Hours

Yuri Nomura with an obi

When night falls, food director Yuri Nomura’s favorite place in Ginza is Ginza Motoji.

A Shared Passion for Keeping Japanese Culture Alive

Yuri Nomura’s favorite place to visit in Tokyo at 7 p.m. is Ginza Motoji, the traditional Japanese clothing store right by the Ginza 4-chome intersection.


“I love admiring the woven and dyed kimono,” explains Yuri Nomura. She enjoys spending time in Ginza Motoji, learning from its owner Keita Motoji as they go through its wares together. “I think it’s wonderful that this store acts as a gateway for learning more about the value and beauty of kimono and obi from artisans all over Japan.”

Yuri Nomura choosing a yukata Yuri Nomura choosing a yukata

Yuri Nomura choosing a yukata

Kimono as Everyday Wear

“I love kimono, even though I have no opportunities to wear them,” says Nomura. “Ideally, I’d go to work in a tsumugi kimono for two days out of every week. Many tsumugi have modern designs and are quite comfortable to wear. Also, when you wear a kimono, the people around you always appreciate it! I think they’re a wonderful way of conveying the spirit of omotenashi through your outfit.”

Ginza Motoji’s shop windows just before closing Ginza Motoji’s shop windows just before closing

Ginza Motoji’s shop windows just before closing

The Joy of Window-Shopping

Ginza is changing rapidly, but Nomura prefers the older places to the new ones for window-shopping. “The shop windows at Maison Hermès are beautiful, and they change with the season.”


Ginza Motoji closes at 7 p.m., that most Ginza of times, when light spills from the shop windows. This is a town where visitors can find everything: new innovations, cherished tradition, and welcome familiarity. Its shop windows are among the most striking in Japan, making even the most casual stroll rewarding.


Yuri Nomura

Food director and owner of the restaurant “eatrip.” Also involved in catering and recipe development, and regularly runs events and workshops. Supervisor of the DVD set eatrip and author of eatlip gift and Tokyo eatrip. Published her most recent book, Tasty of Life, in May 2019.

Yuri Nomura’s 7 pm at Ginza: Ginza Motoji

Ginza Motoji

Kochiwa Building, 4-8-12 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo

11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., 365 days per year



Text by Misuzu Yamagishi
Photography by Ahlum Kim

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