Introducing Hokusai’s Masterpieces: On Display at Sumida Hokusai Museum

Getting the lowdown from Sumida Hokusai Museum’s Curator



The 53 Stations of the Tōkaidō

Hokusai is well known for being one of the greatest Uki-yo e artists.


We talked the newly opened Sumida Hokusai Museum of Art’s curator Maho Yamanari about this piece.


Here we see a bird’s eye view image. Even before the most famous work was created, the theme of the 53 Stations was the subject of many art pieces.

Hokusai’s work were often of a relatively small scale, making them easy to consume for everyday people. Mrs Yamanari thinks this may have contributed to his popularity.



The Sumida Hokusai Museum is hosting a display of 6 of the 7 major pieces until June.


For those of you into Uki-yo e, or just art in general, this is a definite recommend.