Gifts for Adults - Three Places to Find Them

Gifts for those important parts of life


Life is full of experiences, and as you travel along the mortal coil there are more than a few things worth celebrating along the way.

Weddings, moving house, even deaths. These are times when it is often appropriate to find a special gift for something. Here are three shops we recommend for those in search of a refined, yet poignant gift.

◆Wa-Rousoku Daiyo

rd1700_DYOC_106_DC32296_LThis candle shop has been open since 1914. Their pieces are elegant, simple, and beautifully presented.

rd850_daiyo_iro“Hitohito” candles. 6 pieces, 1,296 JPY (Tax Incl.)

They have a variety of pieces, with plane pastel designs, or more complex designs.


There are plenty of occasions where adding a little light to someone’s life seems appropriate.

■Wa-Rousoku Daiyo

Address: 2-5-8 Sumiyoshi Imazu-cho, Takashima-shi, Shiga Prefecture

Phone: 0740-22-0557


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