Escaping the Summer Heat. 5 Hotels Where You Can Cool Off.


Why not escape to cooler climes this summer?

The dog days and tropical nights look likely to last longer than usual in 2016. Sometimes it can be hard to take the crowds, or the hot asphalt of the city. This is why we at Premium Japan are introducing 5 top ryokan from our archives, that will help you cool off this summer. We hope you can use this guide to plan your trip to somewhere the wind blows fresh, and cool.

1. [Nagano Prefecture, Kitaku-gun] “RUZE Villa”
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A secret 5 room hotel surrounded by roses

The 5 room private hotel “RUZE Villa” is blessed with the unique climate of the Karuizawa mountains. Guest rooms are all antique furnished, and the garden blooms with over 100 varieties of roses. Why not relax, and treat it as your own summer holiday home.

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RUZE Villa (Japanese)


2.[Nagano Prefecture, Suzaka] “Seni Onsen Iwa no Yu”rd850_6rd850_7rd850_5
One of Japan’s leading summer resorts; bathing in one of Karuizawa’s caves

With a repeat customer rate of 80%, this historic hotel, “Iwa no Yu (Stone Spring)” hidden in the mountains is one connoisseurs know as a place they want to stay at least once. Discovered by monks in the Heian period, the 30m deep cave has a spring with relatively cool water, making it the perfect place to relax in summer. You can enjoy a feeling of exploration in the cave, while soaking away your tiredness and stress.

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Seni Onsen Iwa no Yu – Trip Advisor (Japanese)


3.[Miyagi Prefecture, Zao] Forest Onsen Resort “Yutomori Club”
Highland vegetables dishes, which have won the “Vegetable Sommelier Award”

Nestled in the deep forest of Miyagi Prefecture Zao National park lies “Yuto Mori Club”. Their restaurant is the first to win the “Vegetable Sommelier” award 4 years running, and you can enjoy a buffet that serves over 60 different local vegetables each day. Surrounded by nature at the foot of Zao Mountain, the food here is a treat for both the body and mind.

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All inclusive stays at Yuto Mori Club Forest Onsen resort (Limited English Site)


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